Maison Giri

Croatian wellness portal ‘Atma’ recently dedicated an interesting post to the sustainable property renovation project our team executed in the Belgian Ardennes, near the medieval city of Durbuy.

The original article can be found here:

The english translation follows:

This Eco and Vastu Designer Home is an Oasis of Style and Spirit

Take a peek into Maison Giri, a mid century eco-luxe villetta in the Belgian mountains Les Ardennes, near the city of Durbuy. The home was recently redesigned by ecologically conscious designer Mandali Mendrilla. 

vastu eco sustainable interior maison giri mendrilla1

Maison Giri is situated in a designated bird sanctuary and next to a large meadow belonging to a horse riding school. Through large windows offering an inside-outside feeling, one can view beautiful horses grazing right across the street. Bycicle paths, the 15th century Chateau de Petite Somme and the Adventure Valley are some of the other special features in the neighbourhood. 

The minimalistic retro interior  follows the laws of Vastu architecture by placing visual elements, crystals, as well as sound vibrations ceremonially installed into corners of the home corresponding to geographical directions.

vastu eco sustainable interior maison giri mendrilla maison giri 5

Sustainability and harmony with nature being the guiding design principles, the designer made sure there was the least amount of waste in the course of renovation. To give each room a special feeling, positive thoughts and poems were etched into each up-cycled wooden wall covering. The wall coverings were then coated with ecological wallpaper and painted with eco-friendly paints. Wall renovation was directed and executed by one of Amsterdam’s foremost experts, Chris Kuijken, a professional painter and practitioner of reiki healing and bhakti yoga. 

vastu eco sustainable interior maison giri mendrilla maison giri 4

The original furniture was restored and modernised and, where possible, the original building elements in the home were given new life. 

vastu eco sustainable interior maison giri mendrilla maison giri 3

The home is situated in the midst of a Zen garden re-created to its original beauty and upgraded with elements of style by Mandali’s  husband, Madhu Van Paare, Amsterdam born photographer and yoga teacher. His love of nature is visible in this somewhat of a visual masterpiece executed together with a professional gardening team.  


A secret part of the home features the couture atelier where the designer creates her sculptures. 

vastu eco sustainable interior maison giri mendrilla maison giri 2



Maison Giri on Instagram: @maisongiri

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