3mbassy Collaboration – “OM” Digital Couture Ensemble – Twitch Talk and Moodboard

One of the most beautiful features of accepting the invitation take part in the 2020 3D Helsinki Fashion Week Digital Village experience was the opportunity to collaborate with a brilliant trio of creatives, Kim, Jessica and Olga, of the 3D Atelier 3mbassy, based in Cologne, Germany.
Ig: @3mbassy_

3mbassy – Kim, Jessica, Olga

What ensued is one of our dearest creations.

Together, we created “Om” – the closing digital sculptural look in the “Space” collection runway.

“Space” collection video excerpt featuring “Om” in motion.


Original sketch:

The full “Space” collection video:

Our Twitch creation process talk during HFW 20 residency:

Love, Mandali

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