The Indian Art of Draping with Chantal Boulanger

Sometime in the early nineties, I fell in love with the Indian art of draping.

When considering sustainability in fashion, draped garments sometimes come to mind. Such garments, consisting of several meters of rectangular unstitched cloth, need no altering and can be fashioned into a myriad of innovative, very personal styles, inspiring creativity and a love for the Earth.

French anthropologist, the late Chantal Boulanger, was a mentor who, with her enthusiastic lessons, opened the doors to draping cloth rather wider, and, especially, with her well researched Master’s thesis called: “Saris, an Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping”, published by Shakti Press in 1997.

The front cover of the book:

I recently discovered a scanned pdf version of the complete book , and thought it would be lovey to share.

Click here to enjoy the book.

Love, Mandali

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