The Future of Fashion is Now: Designing in the Information Field

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(in photo: Padma II, Yantra Couture gown designed with the ‘Timewaver’ information field technology, captured by Madhu Van Paare)

This is an introduction into the “Fairytale of the Sun and Moon” body of work displayed in the runway presentation staged at Fashion Week Zagreb in May 2017:

The healing and harmonising power of practices such as drawing Yantras and Mandalas, vibrating sacred sounds and using colour in therapy, etc. and their application in designing through the practices of Vastu shastra and Feng Shui is quite well known in our world that seems to be entering a future where humans are rather acquainted with the subtle existence of ‘energies’ and the techniques of working with them to create feelings of happiness and wellbeing .

I inherited ’invisible’ energy ‘awareness’ from my grandmother, and have been developing my intuition, healing practices and knowledge of different levels of ‘being’ through yoga, meditation and studying eastern sciences for about 20 years.

(As I write this I remember my grandmother lining the bottom of my childhood bed with foil to ‘neutralise’ the effect of underground currents on my health, that she discovered with her ‘energy tool’, and soothing my tummy ache by placing her hands over my tummy, radiating from them something that she called ’bioenergy’.)

In several previous posts (1, 2, 3)  I described my adventures in designing nature friendly, energy healing and harmonising sculptural gowns, the patterns of which were created using intuitively chosen Yantra diagrams, colours, concepts and sound vibrations which corresponded with my designing intention.

Such are, for example, the “Mandala of Desires (Blue Lotus Wish Tree)”, designed according to the Goloka Yantra diagram and infused with mantras from the Sri Brahma Samhita:


Mandali Conde Duque copy

(in photo: Mandali Mendrilla presenting the ‘Mandala of Desires’ at the grand opening of the Forms of Devotion exhibition in the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo at the Conde Duque in Madrid, Spain, 2016.)

The “Kamadhenu”, designed according to the Kamadhenu Yantra diagram:


SK_DSC0360 mandali logo

(in photo: performance artist Snjezana Kovacic in ‘Kamadhenu’, captured by Branimir Kralj, 2016.)

And the “Yantra” study, with each dress corresponding a particular yantra diagram of its own with a purpose of bringing about a unique experience:

(in photos: Mandali Mendrilla’s sketches of the ‘Yantra’ collection study, 2015.)

A new, and I would like to think rather revolutionary, development in my intuitive designing occurred in 2016, when a medical professional introduced me to healing the human body with bits of sound, called ’information’. Information, which corresponds to the sound vibration of a healthy organ, is vibrated through copper plates into balls of wax. The balls of wax are then immersed into water that carries ‘information’ to the organ that is malfunctioning, ‘informing’ it to function perfectly.  The system was connected to a complex computer software.

Soon after, upon further research, I discovered that a German inventor, Marcus Schmieke, of whom I had heard earlier in connection to his expertise with Vasthu architecture and eastern meditation, together with a team of inventors, had created a system called the Timewaver – a vibrational device and a computer software filled with pieces of healing and harmonizing ‘information’ based on Vasthu shastra and other eastern and western sciences pertaining to the energetic body like color therapy, aura balancing therapy, etc.

I was excited that the Timewaver software worked with some of the the same yantra diagrams and healing sound vibrations I was using intuitively while designing Yantra Couture sculpture dresses.

Upon studying the Timewaver technology and method I discovered I could use the invention to ‘generate’ diagrams, sound vibrations, colors etc. I would have ‘discovered’ in the ‘information field’ using my intuition and meditation practice to correspond intentions set in, e.g. a particular design’s moodboard or couture client consultation session.

Soon I connected with Mr. Schmieke who introduced me to a certified Timewaver consultant and a fellow fashion designer in the German Timewaver team, and the story of the gown entitled “Padma II” in the “Fairytale of the Sun and Moon” body of work began to unfold…

…To be continued in a new diary entry…

Meanwhile, discover the beautiful video of the runway show featuring ‘Padma II’ on the Mandali Mendrilla Youtube channel:

Love, Mandali

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