11 Questions With Sonja Brstilo

Now and then, on our label’s social media, there will be a post featuring the art of  Croatian fashion illustrator and 2D artist Sonja Brstilo.


Sonja graduated with an MA in Fashion Design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, and won two industry awards.

From time to time Sonja surprises us with a beautiful sketch, digital painting or even an acrylic painted miniature inspired by my work.

sonja brstilo the wave illustration

(Sonja Brstilo – Mandali Mendrilla: The Wave – 2017.)

I would like to present Sonja’s world in 11 questions:

1. MM: your work that brought you most satisfaction as an artist?

SB: I would say is one of my latest digital artworks, A fish ( it was the first artwork I made in few moves with a brush ) 🙂


(Sonja Brstilo – Fish)

2. MM: 3 most inspiring pieces of art ever?


1)Vitruvian man ,Leonardo Da Vinci,cca.1490.

2) Composition 2 , Piet Mondrian

3) Bobby Chiu (digital artist), “When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness, we must focus to see the light”.

bobby chiu favorite image sonja brstilo

(Bobby Chiu, image as above)

3. MM: 3 most inspiring artists ever?

SB: Leonardo Da Vinci, Piet Mondrian, Bobby Chiu

4. MM: favorite book?

SB: well, it would be any professional book that I learned something from

5. MM: favorite travel destination?

SB: I like very much places by the sea, for example Monte Carlo was great place to spend summer

6. MM: favorite activity?

SB: that would be ”Research” ..I would say drawing but drawing is just one of the tools for research 🙂

sonja brstilo mandala of desires acrylic miniature

(S.B. “Mandala of Desires”, acrylic miniature, 2015.)



(MM: “Mandala of Desires (Blue Lotus Wish Tree)”, eco textile ink on peace silk, 2015)

7. MM: what will you do this summer ?

SB: I will spend some time in Rovinj ,with my boyfriend, family and friends ,at the beach enjoying the sea and sun,  working on upcoming projects.

8. MM: what do you like most about living and designing in Croatia?

SB: I love the people, the nature of Croatia, also the ability to work as freelance illustrator .

9. MM: favorite fashion designer?

SB: Martin Margiela

10. MM: favorite piece of fashion?

SB: any piece that comes from Minimalism

11. MM: favorite place to spend time in Zagreb?

SB: I love walking in parc Maksimir, being part of beautiful nature that surrounds me there

mendrilla the wave 1a

sonja brstilo mandali mendrilla the wave illustration

sonja brstilo mandali mendrilla the wave illustration 2

(images: Sonja’s impressions of Mandali Mendrilla – “The Wave” runway show at Fashion Week Zagreb, 2016.)

Sonja Brstilo’s website: http://www.sonjabrstilo.com


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