14 Questions With Stylist Reena Lakhani

Who is the muse mysteriously floating down the Mendrilla “Time” collection runway at Helsinki Fashion Week S/S 20?

Filip Gour DSC08568 1

(Reena Lakhani in “Radha”, HFW S/S 20 captured by Filip Gour)

We spoke with the multi-talented Reena Lakhani who also styled the Mendrilla “Time” runway show:

  1. MM: your creative work that brought you most satisfaction? 

The Filmfare cover shoot with Ranveer Singh. It was the first cover shoot I’ve worked on and to have Ranveer Singh a favourite actor of mine in London shooting outdoors was an absolute dream. He has so much energy it really is incredible he really fuels the shoot and to of course to work under Nitasha Guarav was amazing.

  1. MM: 3 most inspiring pieces of art? 

Alicia keys if I aint got you and fallin, Jaipur’s Palaces, and nature.

  1. MM: 3 of your most inspiring artists?

 Alicia keys, JR and Alexi Lubomirski

  1. MM: favourite book?  

So many but one I love to reread is The Alchemist 

  • Favourite passage from a book?

 “The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.”

  1. MM: favourite travel destination? 

Italy, Trinidad and Tobago and Bali are some of my favourites they are the most relaxing. India is a place where I never stop learning. I really would love to visit Sri Lanka and Langawi, Puerto Rico Sao Paulo the list goes on and on  – travel is always on my to do list.

  1. MM: favourite corner of the world in your favourite travel destination? 

Bali – Ubud.

  1. MM: favourite activity? 

I love going to concerts, art galleries and exhibitions anywhere where someone is expressing themselves in any fashion.

  1. MM: what will you do this summer? 

Summer is my favourite season by far, it can never be too hot… so just enjoying the outdoors as much as I can, I hope to catch a few concerts and do some outdoor shoots. A big accomplishment for me is to be attending and working Helsinki Fashion Week. It is such an honour; I feel that it will be a very empowering event and an important moment for the fashion industry it really will show that we can make a difference and its is our responsibly no matter how big or small you are. 

(Update: this interview was recorder before the Helsinki Fashion Week shows. Below, Ms. Lakhani shares about her extraordinary experience at the event.)

It was absolutely incredible to be a part HFW, such a powerful moment in a wonderful environment. Seeing what new ideas designers came up with different types of material and ways of sourcing really amazed me. It was a demonstration to the rest of the industry that nothing at all has to be sacrificed for fashion in any circumstance. All this beauty was created which actually alleviated the planet’s wastage – it was an extraordinary moment for the fashion industry. The wider industry might wish to consider how sustainability and vegan fashion can be more global than it is at present; just the thought process that comes with creating something sustainable shows real intent behind and the consciousness of the artist. These elements are integral to creation, it has to have a purpose and meaning.

Being invited to HFW was a surreal moment, I flew out to style one show and ended up styling three, which made it inconceivable – it really was a dream come true to be a part of something that has real heart behind it – Evelyn Mora is such a force.

The first show was Mandali Mendrilla, who has been creating sustainable couture for over 20 years! He show was very emotional it caught the hearts of the entire audience, tears were streaming for sure. The second designer was Roma Narsinghani, the winner of Sustainable Design Award of the year and was another power down the runway with her stunning pieces. And finally Sanikai Clothing, the winner of the PETA vegan award for best designer’s show was elegant and timeless. All three where such a pleasure to work with; it was my honour to be invited to this fashion week.”

  1. MM: what do you like most about living in London? 

I’ve discovered the times when its quite in my favourite places, having lived there 4 years i know the best time to go out and truly enjoy London without the noise which is my favourite – 

  1. MM: favourite fashion designer? 

Aside from you obviously, I adore Oscar de la renta and Diors work – they both have this timelessness about their work.

  1. MM: favourite piece of fashion? 

That I own – my Laxmi skirt by you – a piece id like to own would probably a vintage Chanel/Dior Coat – a classic look just never gets old.

  1. MM: favourite place to spend time in London?  

I love the parks in Kensington Gardens is probably my favourite – having lived near Regents park that was a regular sport for me

  1. MM: most inspiring quotes that get you up in the morning?  

Just being grateful, I think a few great quotes that resonate with me are:

Mother Teresa​

Spread love everywhere you go.


Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.

E. E. Cummings

The most wasted of days is one without laughter.

14. MM: what is love? 

Its magic, its precious, its enigmatic 

Gallery: Reena Lakhani wearing Mandali Mendrilla and Labels are Limitations, in Notting Hill, London, captured by Roy Ikoroha

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