Goran in Space

With her appearance at Helsinki Fashion Week 2020 in 3D, Mandali wishes to offer sincere appreciation to her brilliant mentor and friend, the late designer Goran Lelas, who passed away earlier this year.

A glimpse into Goran’s unassuming genius:

Azure magazine article written by Rachel Pulfer, “Welcome to Somewhere City”, tells a story about Mr. Lelase’s last project called Somewhere City.

Goran Lelas in studio
Goran’s Somewhere City runway show at Milano Moda Donna, Castello Sforzessco, 2014. (Image credit: Enteriors)

Atelier Mendrilla’s “Space” collection is dedicated to Goran Lelas, who is, among his other achievements, famous for his work in VOGUE Italia. We experienced this digital cover of the edition, featuring our 3D design, “The Sculptor”, as a message from Goran.

Cover image source Buro Croatia.

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