Fashion Week Zagreb Pre-show Communication May 2017

As we prepared for our show on May 15th, our press communication team composed this:


Mandali Mendrilla is one of the world’s first vegetarian luxury labels. This year at Fashion Week Zagreb, a collection will be presented that invokes the fairy tale energy of the Sun and the Moon. The collection is also honoring late croatian artist, inspiration and dear colleague Ivana Popovic with the sculpture dress “Ivana”. Mandali Mendrilla’s alta moda line called Yantra Couture, for the first time in modern history, connects the subtle spiritual field with visible reality using quantum physics.


April 24th 2017, Durbuy, Belgium

The Fairytale of the Sun and the Moon is a story of light, love and the fantastic world of impressions of beauty. Clothing patterns are envisioned as sculptures, some of which are based on ancient Yantras, which emanate positive energy. The materials used are mostly peace (ahimsa) silk, organic and handwoven cotton and various, high quality, materials.

The sculpture dress called Ivana is dedicated to the recently departed Croatian artist and designer Ivana Popovic: “The one and only Ivana is a great inspiration. Her positive attitude in the face of difficulty, humility, humour, intelligence, wit, and love that she showed to the world through her art and behavior inspired me in my own life, especially when the road became a bit rocky. With this sculpture I would like to say ‘Thank you, Ivana,’ the best way I know how,” says Mandali Mendrilla.

mandali mendrilla ivana blog

(in photo: Ivana, 2017.)

This season Mandali Mendrilla also enters the groundbreaking territory of designing with the help of a revolutionary technology invented by German scientist Marcus Schmieke, who discovered a way to communicate invisible concepts, stored in the ‘information field’, into computer generated graphics; for the purpose of medical healing. Mandali Mendrilla, drawing from her experience, of creating her dresses based on ancient yantras, for conceptual garments in Yantra Couture creations, decided to use Schmieke’s invention, as technological aid in generating graphics, colors and sounds vibrated into the garment which are in harmony with the intention and desire of the designer and the customer. Now the Mandali Mendrilla Atelier collection offers clients the possibility to receive patterns that Mandali designs in consultation with a Timewaver specialist.

Timewaver is a quantum-physical information field system that is intended to assist one in analysing coherences and deeper levels in a person’s information field and in optimising them with new information. The Timewaver information field technology uses consciousness and information as the basis for analysis. According to Max Planck, reality is not matter but information on its most basic level. Timewaver analyses in the information field and suggests information that best suits a client’s desired garment, like colors and graphic patterns, taking into account the holistic influence of the garment on levels of human existence.

Mandali Mendrilla’s evening dresses are decorated with special, Indian, lotus themed, hand embroidered pieces which were used to decorate deities of Radha and Krishna in a Hindu temple for more than 40 years, and which were gifted to Mandali Mendrilla to honor her artwork in service of world peace, especially for offering 100 000 wishes, collected at her Mandala of Desires dress in the China Art Museum in Shanghai, and offered to a live wish tree in Vrindavan, India.

Mandali Mendrilla is a sattvic, vegetarian luxury fashion label with a pinch of avant-garde, founded in 1995. The Atelier is especially famous for unique Yantra Couture garments and sculptures made in harmony with nature. Yantra Couture garments are designed using ancient subtle technologies that create energetic harmony and manifest patterns based on individualized yantra (mandala) diagrams, perfectly aligned with the conscious state and desires of the client and in symbiosis with the artistic inspiration of the designer.

Mandali Mendrilla collections are regularly shown at Fashion Week Zagreb and have appeared in several galleries/museums worldwide like the China Art Museum in Shanghai and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo at the Conde Duque in Madrid, the Burning Man festivals, as well as reputed fashion publications like Vogue, Tatler, Elle etc.

Mandali has recently relocated her atelier from Amsterdam to Chateau de Petite Somme in Durbuy, Belgium.



The house of MANDALI MENDRILLA was founded in 1995, by Mandali Mendrilla, a Croatian-American artist and designer. The house includes an art atelier and a made to order luxury fashion studio called MANDALI MENDRILLA ATELIER, serving select clients, staging performing art fashion shows and creating fine art installations. In 2013, the house expanded to include pret-a-porter clothing and jewellery labels MANDALI MENDRILLA and MENDRILLA LIMITEDITION, as well as a haute sports label LALALALI. The house of MANDALI MENDRILLA dwells on happiness, beauty and celebration intertwined with explorations in human psychology as well as a contrasting play in basic colors and experimental patterns that explore multicultural influences and borders between the masculine and the feminine, the worldly and the transcendent, executed with attention to non-violent craftsmanship. Mandali Mendrilla’s collections received several Fashion Week Grand Prix awards, Best Young Designer award as well as a Migliore Creazione Alta Moda award.














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