Vrindavan’s Wave


(Photo: Vrindavan and Hari Kirtan entering the wedding reception venue; more images of the beautiful couple at the end of this post)

I finally met Vrindavan Kaufmann in person several months after we had experienced creating together via internet.  I loved how deep her experience of the dress was, because I meditated much on its creation.

Vrindavan is a powerfully diverse individual, an artist herself, who specializes in classical Indian dances and kirtan performances.

I love that the dress inspired by her personality was featured in the 100th issue of VOGUE UK.

the wave mendrilla in vogue 100 years anniversary

Vrindavan exclaimed that I had made her dream dress!

What follows is an outline of our process of creation:

vrindavan moodboard africaVrindavan's dressVrindavan's dressvrindavan moodboard africavrindavan moodboard africavrindavan moodboard africavrindavan moodboard africaVrindavan's dressVrindavan's dressVrindavan's dress


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