A Merchandising Moment

Out of all the great visual merchandising attempts I witnessed over the years, from the flamboyant displays at Bergdorf’s to the minimalist, industrial, apocalyptically luxurious  Damir Doma flagship store in Paris, the following one remained in my mind so intensely that I remember it whenever I hear the term ‘visual merchandising’ or see a particularly compelling store display… The piece was produced in 2011, by a friend of mine, designer/stylist/visual merchandiser Katarina Kozic, and I believe it was arranged for a store in central London; probably Urban Outfitters. In analyzing why this piece impacted me so profoundly I can say that it must be the surprise element mixed with great visual skills and a slight presence of a certain morbid moment to which my mind reacts oh so deeply since I have been fascinated with death.


(Images by Katarina Kozic)



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