In the Newsroom With Parsons x Teen VOGUE


(Featured image: a Milanese newsroom found in a Flickr profile)

One’s own Alta Moda atelier comes with an exciting opportunity to create a unique environment for interns.

For that reason, and a few other playful reasons, I decided to enter the online certificate program called ‘Fashion Industry Essentials’ offered by the NYC-based Parsons School of Fashion and Teen VOGUE.

I love learning new things and am a bit of a bibliophile too. At my LinkedIn profile, you may notice quite a few programs and tutors.

From the program, besides all the fun of being ‘in school’ again, I received great tools that I can use in preparing experiences for Mandali Mendrilla interns, connected with fabulous, very talented, inspirational people, and… I have to admit… I will miss logging in every once in a while when I finish the program.

I created this mood board as an answer to one of the program’s assignments which lead us to explore our web presence.

I have to say that observing the total reach of this diary, for example, which I started only several months ago, made me feel very happy.


Having studied journalism as part of my BA, and having worked in the media for a while in high school and college (I was a news reporter for Croatian Radiotelevision, reporting on art, style, and music), this assignment made me feel like I was back in the newsroom with reporters in the early morning, pitching stories and deciding which ones each was going to cover that day. My favorite story of all was interviewing DJ Virgin Helena with both of us hanging upside down from a table at the clubhouse Quorum Colours. When thinking about our social media platforms together with the team, I am right back in the newsroom.

Surprise – our most popular post on Facebook thus far was the announcement of the La Farfalla dress appearing in the Yoga Journal.


Our Instagram audience is a stylish and somewhat alternative gathering of those discovering the world through design inspirations. Instagram is a great portal through which the team and I can express our artistic vision and meet beautiful people. I believe our first UK VOGUE feature happened because we were spotted on the platform revealing backstage footage of our photo shoot with the Samadhi Dance Company dancers and photographer Bimala Naysmith.


Tumblr bloggers seem to like our ‘dark side’, with this Alta Moda dress from our 1997 collection Reflection-Reaction getting the most reblogs of all our posts.


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