‘Chandra’- Phase I

When I connected with wonderfully talented actress and model Ana Lucia Alves, I was struck by her beauty and caring heart. Soon I found out that she was also a tireless ‘encourager’.

Our friendship took us on a journey of exploring a special garment created for both of our artistic pleasure and in her honour.

This is the sketch of the dress entitled ‘Chandra‘, a Yantra Couture™ sculptural garment the Atelier envisioned for her:

mandali mendrilla chandra moon yantra sketch ana lucia alves

Here are a few more details about the construction of her garment, which may be upgraded as we craft it. Usually, as we create the ‘toile‘ out of simple cloth corresponding to the weight of the luxurious cloth the dress will be crafted in, we tend to get even more exciting insights into how to sculpt the dress to perfection.

mendrilla chandra moon yantra detail sketch

The mood board follows the principles of Yantra Couture™, exploring Ana’s preferred colours, shapes and images of inspiration which she shared with me, as well  the energy emanating from the Moon planet, which I connected with my impression of her.

Aradhana Moodboard

I felt that the energy of moon rays corresponds to her emotions of giving and caring without judging, following the example of mentioned rays of light that touch everything and everyone, nourishing and inspiring all, including plants, animals and stones. Thus, by comparing Ana to the moon, I am trying to express her inner beauty in constructing a tangible, visible item.

Aradhana Moodboard

Ana loves Elie Saab and Alexander McQueen.

Aradhana Moodboard

Aradhana Moodboard



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